Vintage Beni Ourain | Drew



SIZE| 188 x 328 ( 6'2" x 10'9")
MATERIALS| 100% wool
PILE| High pile
AGE|  40-50 years 
ORIGIN| Beni Ourain


The sandy undertone of the cream wool gives this Beni Ourain an overall earthy, moody vibe. The diamond pattern and tribal motifs throughout the rug are outlined in dark brown, and accented in various shades of pink and mauve.

Just below the middle of the rug, small tufts of blue can be seen within the diamond pattern. These would have been placed as markers for the woman making the rug. In Berber culture, women do not weave during holidays, celebrations such as weddings, and also during times of grief such as the death of a family member. If the weaver paused, she would mark it in this way as a means of measuring her stopping point. It is not uncommon to see these little marks in larger pieces that would have taken a significant amount of time to weave, and therefore more likely that a life event would cause them to pause. They aren’t always as easy to see, but I love that these are. Those little blue knots are subtle enough that they don't distract from the overall appearance of the rug, but noticeable enough to highlight this anecdote of Berber rug weaving traditions

The Beni Ourain tribal group is made up of 17 smaller tribes that inhabit the Middle Atlas Mountains. Their carpets were made to use as floor coverings and heavy blankets to protect them from harsh mountain winters. Traditionally, Beni Ourain women used live wool for these carpets

Vintage Berber rugs were not made for production, but as functional pieces to be used for many years and passed down through generations. The colors and patterns are a combination of traditional Berber symbolism and the personal expressions of the woman who made it. No two are the same!

Note: Each of these pieces has a story that started long before it’s arrival to June + Blue and may show signs of wear and fading. These imperfections are signs of authenticity and character, not flaws. Anything of note is included in the listing. All rugs are cleaned, and any repairs needed are done in Morocco before exporting. 

All rug sales are final. Please do not hesitate to ask for more details on a specific rug.


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