Who we are :
Hi! I'm Becca, a lover of strong coffee, sarcasm, a good book, and anything made with entirely too much sugar! I am a hairstylist-turned-treasure hunter from Illinois, living in Amsterdam after spending three years in Morocco. My husband Michael and I have two little boys, Desmond and Rèmy, who are never far behind the scenes of June + Blue.
How June + Blue came to be :
When we lived in Casablanca I was often overwhelmed by how busy and hectic the city could feel, and I would find myself escaping to little neighborhoods and stopping at souks just to see what I could find. There was something so peaceful about it to me, and rewarding as well because there was always a gem to be discovered!  It became my favorite thing to do, and I often joked with my friends that what I really needed to do was open a boutique of all my Moroccan treasures. Fast forward a few years, and I am turning what seemed like a far fetched idea into reality with June + Blue. I am so excited for you guys to discover the things that I have fallen in love with from the rich artisanal world of Morocco. 
I have always been in love with the hunt of finding the perfect piece (clothing, home goods, icecream flavors, etc) and I won't stop until I find just the right thing or figure out a way to rig something up myself. There is so much satisfaction when I actually do find what I'm looking for, but honestly for me I enjoy the search more than anything! So there you have it, I hope you enjoy what I've found!
Our commitment to ethical sourcing : 
My number one priority is honest purchasing. All new items that we source are purchased directly from the artisans who made them, or from a company whose values align with ours (as is the unique case with the ceramics from ChabiChic Morocco). We do not barter with artisans or buy from market vendors where items have been purchased and resold at prices that often leave the artisans with only enough to cover their materials. This not only guarantees a product that supports the artisan directly, but gives us a chance to develop relationships with the amazing people behind everything you see coming out of Morocco. Another lovely side of that is that the possibilities are endless, and you can expect to see new items here as we continue to develop ideas with our network of artisans. 
I handpick our aged and vintage rugs on sourcing trips, and work with an awesome rug hunter/expert/extrordinaire who travels all over the Atlas mountains searching for unique pieces for me to choose from between my trips. I never stop looking for one of a kind textiles to help you create a story in your own home. Read a little bit more about June + Blue textiles here.
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