Vintage Beni Mguild | Capucine



SIZE| 192 cm x 252 cm ( 6’3" x 8'3")
 AGE| 55-65 years
MATERIALS| 100% wool
PILE| Medium to high pile
ORIGIN| Beni Mguild 


Stunning Beni Mguild rug of Jewish origin, dating to the late 1950's/early 1960's. Much of the Jewish Berber community relocated out of Morocco by the mid 1960's, making these rugs rare and extra special to come by. The color is a mix of various shades of pink and purple, with a blue indigo pattern throughout. There are areas of very faded purple mixed in that have a gray/pale taupe cast.

The Beni Mguild tribe originates from the Middle Atlas mountains and traditionally made their carpets to protect them from harsh mountain winters. They were used to cover cold floors, and even as blankets when the temperatures were in their lowest.

Vintage Berber rugs were not made for production, but as functional pieces to be used for many years and passed down through generations. The colors and patterns are a combination of traditional Berber symbolism and the personal expressions of the woman who made it. No two are the same!

Note: Each of these pieces has a story that started long before it’s arrival to June + Blue and may show signs of wear and fading. These imperfections are signs of authenticity and character, not flaws. Anything of note is included in the listing. All rugs are cleaned, and any repairs needed are done in Morocco before exporting. 

All rug sales are final. Please do not hesitate to ask for more details on a specific rug.









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