· CHECKMATE 03 · (available in Tumbled Dove, Nougat)



100% Wool
Handmade in Morocco | Allow 6-8 weeks for runners/10-12 weeks for large sizes

NOUGAT COLORWAY | Nougat + natural cream wool checkered pattern with charcoal outlines.

TUMBLED DOVE COLORWAY | Tumbled Dove + natural cream wool checkered pattern with black outlines.

The Checkmate Collection was designed in collaboration with Abbie Naber, California based interior designer who shares the June + Blue love for all things checkered. Each rug was designed to celebrate the timeless check, through the signature lens Abbie's interiors are known for. Fresh, approachable, and inviting.

Our direct relationship with dyers and weavers gives us the unique opportunity to customize a rug from start to finish. It begins with the finest wool available which is prepped, dyed, and woven by hand using traditional techniques that have been fine tuned for centuries. June + Blue is proud to work with a team of men and women whose craftsmanship is second to none. 

 To Note:

Each rug is handmade to order. Though every rug is carefully controlled, please keep in mind that subtle differences may occur.

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