With textiles of all kinds on the market, we wanted to give you more information about what our terms mean and what we stand for.

  "New" refers to textiles less than 5 years old. All new June + Blue textiles are purchased directly from the artisans who made it. We are committed to fair wages and working conditions, and buying directly from artisanal cooperatives is the only way we can guarantee this with certainty.

"Old" refers to textiles 5-24 years old. We source our old textiles from all over Morocco, always keeping an eye open for special pieces that we just can't leave behind.

"Vintage" refers to textiles 25+ years old. We personally source each one in Morocco, traveling all over the country in search of one of a kind pieces. We are passionate about finding rare beauties you just won't find in a souk. 

When you buy a June + Blue vintage piece, you can be confident in it's authenticity and quality. We strive to give as much detail and history possible to each product description, but are always happy to answer any other questions you may have. Just send us a line on our contact page and we'll tell you what we know! 

Vintage pieces can show signs of wear, adding to their character and beauty, while telling a story about where it was before June + Blue. Cleaning and any needed repairs are done in Morocco before exporting.

** All rug sales are final **