Old Azilal Rug


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This Azilal was woven with bright colors on the backing, and knotted with a cream and brown diamond pattern. The pile is medium height yet lightweight with several rows of wefting between knotted rows. The colored backing creates a broken pattern that peaks through the top and makes this piece unique. The most prominent colors seen through the top of the rug are dark blue, mint and light pink. The diamond pattern varies from tan to dark brown throughout the rug 

Azilal rugs are known for their eccentric designs and symbols, usually done in vibrant colors. They are generally lower pile and lighter weight. This is due to the rows of simple wefting left between rows with knots, as opposed to thicker rugs that have been knotted on almost every row.

Berber rugs were not made for production, but as functional pieces to be used for many years and passed down through generations. These pieces can show signs of wear which adds to their beauty and value, while telling a story about where they were before June + Blue. All rugs are cleaned, and any repairs needed are done in Morocco before shipment. 

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Age : 17- 20 years

128cm x 290cm

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