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183 cm x 286 cm ( 6’ x 9’4”)

 Age : 30-35 years old

100% wool

Medium height pile 

This vintage Beni Mguild from the 1980's has a really special color palette and texture. There is a low pile layer of indigo blue and cream that makes up the diamond pattern and border design and a higher pile faded tan wool that covers the rug throughout. The contrast in pile height adds interest and movement to the pattern and makes this piece stand out. There is a band of faded pink near the top of the rug, and some hints of this pink can also be seen in the top border. 

 The Beni Mguild tribe originates from the Middle Atlas mountains and traditionally made their carpets to protect them from harsh mountain winters. They were used to cover cold floors, and even as blankets when the temperatures were in their lowest.

Vintage Berber rugs were not made for production, but as functional pieces to be used for many years and passed down through generations. The colors and patterns are a combination of traditional Berber symbolism and the personal expressions of the woman who made it. These pieces can show signs of wear which adds to their character and value while telling a story about where they were before June + Blue. 

All rugs are cleaned, and any repairs needed are done in Morocco before shipment. 

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